Starting anew

I started this blog a while ago but never did much with it. My purpose now is to start blogging at least 3x a week. In the month of June, I didn’t do very much nailart. I was so busy with my boyfriend moving in that I forgot about everything else. For the month of July I want to change things around for myself and set a goal of 4x nail posts a week on my instagram. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Let’s hope so!


Oh look at that… it’s been a month!

Almost a month to date, in fact. I should of been posting more often but I swear I am just terrible with keeping blogs but I am going to make a real effort. Set myself to a schedule or something, call it “the blogging hour” haha… Ugh… I think my inner geek is showing.

On to the nails… I am actually quite proud of myself =:D I have done a few swatches and also some nail art. I used to have the idea of just doing my nails once a week and that would be enough. Yeah, no. I need to really start doing them more often if I want to improve. I think I have been showing some improvement, not a ton but enough to make me happy.

On to the pictures!


I was so happy to be able to pull this design off. Austin’s mom showed me a design that was similar but had flowers instead of clovers. I did the switch to clovers to better suit St. Patty’s Day. I used Sinful Colors and Pure Ice but don’t have the exact names on me atm. Comment if you’d like to know though.


Yes, this is Hard Candy! I was dying for this polish after seeing so many people with them on IG. I went to Walmart with my mom and there it was fully stocked! But since I am way over my nail allowance I could only get one. This beauty is called “Jelly Bean Blue” and has such an easy application. Only one or two coats are needed. I do recommend using a topcoat, however, to make it nice and smooth looking. I was in a rush when I did the picture so I did not use a topcoat.


What’s this? My first piece of truly true nail art! This is a M&M french tip inspired by Robyn Moses (if you don’t know who she is then look up her on Youtube!). All the colors except the black (which is WetnWild Shine “Black on Black”) are acrylic paint that I brought for 97 cent at Walmart. It was so hard to do this! Like I said, this is really my first piece of nail art and having bad brushes surely didn’t help whatsoever. But I am quite proud of these and ended them in a IG contest.

I have a couple of more pictures but I will be posting them tomorrow as I think this post is long enough for now =D

Let me know what you think darlings!

Hello You!

Hi there! I decided I would create my own blog for my nail polish obsession. I’m having a lot of fun with this new hobby so far and I’m really just looking to have some friends and stuff. I’m sure anyone who is reading this has probably been led here by my Instagram [@roselynn787] if not then look me up and follow me.

To kick off the start of my nail blog I decided to do my first ever swatch! I see these things done all the time on IG but never really thought to do one myself until today. Plus I picked up this polish over the weekend and had to show you guys how pretty it is.

Merry Me by Sephora OPI

This is called Merry Me by Sephora OPI. One coat was all I used and it seemed like enough for my tastes but I’m sure another layer couldn’t have hurt. It is thick but smooth and most importantly easy to apply. Dries pretty quick as well. A girl can never have too much glitter and this one is a definite must for any collection.

I’ll be add more things within the next few days on this page from different swatchs to actual designs.

Also if any of you guys have a nail blog please let me know I’d love to follow/read it =D