Hello You!

Hi there! I decided I would create my own blog for my nail polish obsession. I’m having a lot of fun with this new hobby so far and I’m really just looking to have some friends and stuff. I’m sure anyone who is reading this has probably been led here by my Instagram [@roselynn787] if not then look me up and follow me.

To kick off the start of my nail blog I decided to do my first ever swatch! I see these things done all the time on IG but never really thought to do one myself until today. Plus I picked up this polish over the weekend and had to show you guys how pretty it is.

Merry Me by Sephora OPI

This is called Merry Me by Sephora OPI. One coat was all I used and it seemed like enough for my tastes but I’m sure another layer couldn’t have hurt. It is thick but smooth and most importantly easy to apply. Dries pretty quick as well. A girl can never have too much glitter and this one is a definite must for any collection.

I’ll be add more things within the next few days on this page from different swatchs to actual designs.

Also if any of you guys have a nail blog please let me know I’d love to follow/read it =D


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